Grand Master Chen Zhenglei “Light of Taichi”
2019 Las Vegas Summer Camp

The “Light of Taichi” series seminars by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei are designed to meet the requirements of higher level Taichi learning for key promoters of Chen Zhenglei Taichi system. Many of the attendees are GM Chen’s disciples, designated seminar organizers and advanced students have been participating in the seminars in the last decade. From 2016, the seminars have been expanded to include beginners’ classes to accommodate those who wish to start their Taichi journey on the right foot from the very beginning. The 2019 “Light of Taichi” summer camp will continue to have a beginners’ class which will be taught by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei’s daughters: Master Chen Juan and Master Chen Yuanyuan.

“A tip from the master tops ten years of hard work!” Students who attended the “Light of Taichi” seminars before all understand and agree. They have experienced the results and that is why they have been asking about the next seminar. Due to the preparation of the largest symposium in 2018 and other reasons, we were not able to schedule a North American summer camp in 2018. After numerous discussions with Grand Master Chen, we have decided to run the 2019 “Light of Taichi” Summer Camp in Las Vegas from July 01 to July 04 during the national days for both USA and Canada. A master of a generation Grand Master Chen Zhenglei will lead his top team and bring the most authentic and profound family arts to Taichi enthusiasts. His advanced disciples will gather in the United State again. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Register now!

During the seminar, we will also hold Instructor Certification exams for those who wish to be certified as Chen Zhenglei Taichi instructors. The instructor certificate issued by the Chen Zhenglei Taichi System is widely accepted and highly regarded. It is treated as proof of quality guarantee for high quality Taichi instruction.
Grand Master Chen encourages all his disciples and seminar organizers to promote the event in order to bring authentic Chen’s Taichi to more Taichi lovers. Those who organize group participance with ten or more attendees will be named as co-sponsor of the 2019 “Light of Taichi” Summer Camp and they will be awarded for the great effort. Please promote this event and encourage more Taichi enthusiasts to participate in the 2019 “Light of Taichi” event!


Who should attend?
1. President/Coaches of Chen Zhenglei Taichi Schools and designated seminar locations
2. GM Chen’s disciples and students recommended by the schools and seminar locations
3. Taichi enthusiasts who wish to meet Grand Master Chen Zhenglei in person and hear his teaching on Chen’s Taichi
What to expect?
1. “Light of Taichi” series seminars are designed to meet the requirement of higher level Taichi learning for key promoters of Chen Zhenglei Taichi system. The main goal is to raise their technical and theoretical levels for better promotion of the art.
2. “Light of Taichi” seminars provide the standard entry level for the beginners. The beginner classes are taught by Chen Family blood-line inheritors so that beginners can get on the right track from the very beginning.
3. Grand Master Chen Zhenglei will bring his top instructor team to this event. This team will bring you the best Taichi learning experience.
4. Meet Taichi promoter from other areas in the world. Exchange valuable Taichi learning and teaching experience in a friendly Taichi family environment.
5. Participate in the Instructor Certification exam.
The preferred method of payment is by check or money order. You can send the payment and registration form via postal mail to the contact info at the end of this letter. If you prefer Paypal or Credit Card payment, you can send your payment to: kefu@taichiplaza.com and email your registration form to the contact info below. If you need to verify the total amount before you pay, please send email to: jack.yan@tntkungfu.com.
Contact: Jack Yan
TNT Kungfu School
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Phone: 647-293-1648 Email: jack.yan@tntkungfu.com

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Instructor Certificate Requirements



2019年7月1日 – 7月4日,“太极之光”将会在拉斯维加斯再次拉开帷幕,一代太极拳宗师陈正雷将率领他的精英团队给太极拳爱好者带来纯正的、博大精深的家传技艺,世界各地的太极高徒将再一次云集美国,请大家踊跃报名,莫失良机!




  1. 陈家沟陈正雷太极拳馆世界各地分馆及教学点的负责人、教练
  2. 陈正雷大师弟子及由各分馆、教学点推荐的学员
  3. 向往太极拳,希望有机会近距离接触并聆听陈正雷大师讲解陈氏太极拳的爱好者


★  “太极之光”系列培训是陈氏太极拳高端课程,主要针对全球各分馆和教学点负责人、核心教练员,希望通过骨干召集强化集训进一步提高陈正雷太极体系遍布各地传播点的技艺理论及教学水平。

★  “太极之光”夏令营为太极拳初学者提供一个正确入门的机会,由陈氏太极拳嫡宗传人亲自执教的入门班课程让太极拳爱好者不走弯路。

★  陈正雷大师将携其精英教练员团队,为大洋彼岸的拳友带去正宗正源的陈氏太极拳。汇聚美欧亚三大洲得力馆长、知名导师,精英荟萃,精彩纷呈。


★  参加陈正雷太极拳教练系统认证考试。

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