fether penSo you wrote a book about Chinese wushu? Do you want to get it published? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Since 2007, we have been specializing in publishing books and videos on Chinese Wushu. Our published authors include the world renowned Taichi Grand Master Chen Zhenglei, Wushu Professor Qiu Pixiang and more….

If you have written your book, you have already done the most important and difficult part of the work. In today’s day and age, if your goal is not to get rich by selling your books, getting your book published is easy. We will talk you through the ins and outs of getting your book published. There are a few ways getting published.

1. Finding a Publisher – Publishers are in it to make money. We sell your books to make money. Therefore, if your book is not selling, we can’t publish it on our dime, because we don’t have many dimes to print books that sit in the warehouse. You can send your manuscript to a publisher, for example to us. We will look it over and have a marketing analysis done on it. If we think it might make money for both of you and us, we will publish it on our dime. Yes, you do get paid by us. Most authors don’t get an advance for writing a book unless there is huge potential that his/her book is going to be a hit. Most authors get paid in the form of royalty. For Chinese Wushu, the audience is extremely small, therefore small profit, we pay authors royalty on books sold. Send an email to chief editor Jack Yan at: jack.yan@tntkungfu.com. That will get the ball rolling.

2. Use a Vanity Publisher – Yes, Vanity Publisher! If a company charges you a fee to publish your book, it is a vanity publisher. Most wushu books are published by vanity publishers. Some prefer not to call themselves as such by waiving the service charge but demanding you to purchase a set number of copies of your own book. Guess what? The profit selling the copies to you IS the service fees. Well, there is nothing wrong about it. We just like to call it what it is. In option one above, if we don’t think your book fits our selecting criteria, you can always use us as a Vanity Publisher. As an author on wushu, the name Chinese Wushu Publishing House will have added marketing value to your book. Our service fees are moderate. We are in it to make money, but we also know that publishing wushu books won’t make anybody rich. Contact us by sending an email to: info@tntkungfu.com.

3. Self-Publishing – We did before that and it wasn’t that hard! With all the available self-publishing services on-line, it is very easy to do. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need help. If you don’t want to bother with an ISBN, you can simply get your book printed (or convert it into an E-book). An ISBN number makes your book look more professional. If you plan to sell your book in the bookstores, you’d better to have one and you even have to print a barcode with it on the book. Some companies will give you a free number for using their services. Unfortunately, we don’t give out ISBN numbers for you to publish in your own name as the publisher.

4. On-Line Publishing – Blog it! No one can stop you from blogging it on-line. You can even charge a fee to thouse who read your blog. Our business is in traditional publishing with physical books. Blogging isn’t our forte.

We also provide translating services to authors. Oh well, translation services in wushu is usually from Chinese to English (sorry for assuming), we do want to mention it in the English section here just in case the traffic goes the other way. We can design your book cover, proof read your work, edit your work, computer formatting your book to make it look like a book and even market your book. Please contact info@tntkungfu.com for service fees.

If you are an author (remember your childhood dream?), get published!